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What Exactly Does A Creative Content Consultant Do

A creative content consultant is hired to bring your content to life, elevate the quality of your content, connect your audience to your brand and oversee the process that will relieve you of the extra demands from content creation.

Often planning and bringing a shoot to fruition has extra responsibility, a content consultant will take the stress out of producing your shoot while you can keep your attention on existing projects and responsibilities and be updated along the way to sign off at each stage of the process.

Hiring a content consultant that truly understands your audience and product is key when considering bringing in a consultant.

A content consultant is also able to help plan the quantity and various formats of assets needed as you may have a few channels to consider and will have the experience to be able to get all the content you need rather than plan multiple shoots.

A consultant will likely have a list of production agencies and freelancers that can be recommended and will collaborate with or be equally happy to work with your preferred agency. A contact list will also include model and talent agencies, to which the consultant will become the point of contact that also relives you of managing various external vendors.

Who does a content consultant report to?

Depending on the organisation, generally, a content consultant's point of contact is the head of marketing, head of content or internal project leader. The aim is to be part of the team as the most successful shoots are when everyone feels listened to and their content needs are met.


An Insight Into How I Work With You.

I'm able to bespoke my process to your organisational and content needs. To begin with, we will meet and discuss your goals and objectives.

I’m happy to work on your brief alternatively if this is an area you need support, I am very happy to collaborate and build the brief for your brand. This would mean that I potentially need time with each relevant department to understand their content needs relevant to the project.

It is important to begin by collecting information, understanding the tone of voice, product, market and demographic of your audience or target audience. What campaigns have and haven't previously worked for you plus your likes and dislikes. Also, it is important to gain an understanding of the message you want to share, e.g. unique selling points and problems you are solving. Also, if applicable it is sometimes beneficial to use the product/service to gain a true understanding to begin conceptualisation.

On the shoot day, I will art direct to ensure all the necessary content is captured and is aesthetically pleasing and that footage is aligned with the brief, work collaboratively with the production agency and manage freelancers.

Post-Production, I will maintain contact with the production agency and support post-production, review edits alongside you to collate your feedback (in line with the agreed amount of amends) and also make recommendations that align with your objective.

Pinar Necati


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