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Objective: Product launch 'Easy Dry & Go' into the professional market

Concept: I Conceptualised the campaign to be educational and relevant to the professional audience by creating a series of five high quality educational and informative digital edits including a 'Behind The Scenes' to introduce the product into the market by the founder plus stills of inspirational and aspirational hair looks that consumers like to wear to support the professional.  All assets were created for online and offline usage to launch across all channels.

Responsible for: Ideation and conceptualising the campaign, establishing hair looks, establishing hair styling techniques and hair styling steps to demonstrate the product and highlight the USP.  Storyboarding the steps to support the production agency and ensure the final edit is constructed in correct order of steps. Casting and booking models to resonate with the market, audience, product and brand,  Point of contact for agencies and freelancers.  Post Production: Managing and reviewing edit to ensure edit is formatted correctly that is relevant to the audience. 


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